Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Slight Rant On Life

So there isn't much, there never is. Only the dull and the tiresome, never anything of promise: nothing to report. The endless cycle must be broken! The nonstop NOTHING must cease. We must stir up something: ARISE. Look up and stop sinking into the endless end. Borrowing favors and borrowing time... How can we borrow either? How can we stand to let ourself think that we are getting ahead when we are falling behind? We can't borrow from others to get where we want, we have to make a name for OURSELVES; make TIME for ourselves. Fight... Fight is what we need to do. Stand up and let the world KNOW what we want, what we need, what we can do for ourselves! We need to break free. We need to show them all.... I need to show them all....

Less than two months. Less than two months before I graduate and we all change and seperate. Four months until I leave home and face a new begining. Two years until I live with who I want to, three years before I truely start the life I've come to fantasize. I don't really know how long it'll take for them to let me live the way I wish though. I'm stuck with someone else puppeteering my love which coincides with my life. I'm stuck wishing I could steal my wish, run with it, and never be caught. This will never happen. But I will fight for it. I will at least ATTEMP to break free.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We Were We

So we begin: not you, nor I
but a duet of multiple hazards;
seeking refuge in not just a storm;
but a war.

Finally seeing we have to fight,
fight for what we need to be,
and fight for everything that we aim to achieve.

Nothing will ever be handed to us
and nothing we do will ever be good enough;
Found not by you, nor by mehowever, found in our single selves,
while the opposite struggles to let the other see.

When your world is less than kind,
Seeing becomes so hard
When you are found blind.

Perseverance is no longer enough
Being apart and so far from together;
Co-existing is more than too much.

This duet is becoming out of my range
and the pitch is more noise than song…

However, I am still here
humming along,
because what my heart says matters more.

I remember the summer
when there was so war,
only a storm… and we…

We were we.

Special thanks to Joseph K. for helping me get a certian part right.